Online applications for auditions for the 2020-2021 Season are open!

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COVID-19 Update on Auditions (3/30/20): Due to the COVID-19 crisis and out of an abundance of caution, all youth orchestra auditions will be moving online for the 2020-21 Season. Please read the instructions carefully and reach out to us if you have any questions. A video audition is required.
Auditions for entrance into the youth orchestras are held each year in the spring.  Members are accepted by audition only. All current members must re-audition for the following year. Applicants must be a member of their school band or orchestra playing the same instrument as is played in the Youth Orchestra. Exceptions are made for home school students, pianists and harpists, and students from schools where there are no such music groups.

Steps to Follow

1. Register online using the Google Form here:

2. Video your audition using the guidelines below. Make sure you are in a quiet area and the phone/camera is close enough to see you and your instrument.

    • Junior Strings (DPJS):
      1. State your name, instrument, and current grade level clearly
      2. Play 2 major scales of your choice. Preferred scales are: violin (2 octave G, Bb or C, 1 octave F), viola (2 octave C, 1 octave Bb or F), cello (2 octave C, 1 octave F or Bb), bass (your choice)
      3. 3. Play a 2-3 minute solo (not accompanied)
    • Youth Strings (DPYS):
      1. State your name, instrument, and current grade level clearly
      2. General requirements:
        • Submit a video recording of you performing a solo/concerto movement, minimum 3 minutes (not accompanied). It is helpful to include contrasting music with samples of lyrical and technical playing. Two shorter excerpts of contrasting styles is also acceptable.
        • Please demonstrate vibrato on a scale and in solo if appropriate. Scale requirements by instrument are below. Slur 2 notes on all scales.
      3. Specific instrument requirements:
        • Violin
          1. G or A Major scale in 3 octaves.
          2. Solo piece equivalent in difficulty to Vivaldi A Minor Violin Concerto or higher.
        • Viola
          1. Two 2-octave scales that require shifting (F, G, A, B flat or higher)
          2. Solo piece equivalent in difficulty to Telemann G Major Concerto or higher and have some shifting.
        • Cello
          1. Two scales that go into 4th position or higher (either 2 octaves or 3 octaves).
          2. Solo piece equivalent in difficulty to Beethoven’s Minuet in G that demonstrates shifting into higher positions.
        • Bass
          1. Two scales that go into 4th position or higher.
          2. Solo piece should have some shifting into higher positions.
    • Youth Orchestra (DPYO):
      1. State your name, instrument, and current grade level clearly
      2. For your DPYO audition you will upload a three to four-minute video recording. Your recorded audition may include an excerpt or excerpts from a solo, or an etude or etudes. It is recommended that you include contrasting music with samples of lyrical and technical playing.
      3. In addition, woodwind and brass players should include a chromatic scale (in light staccato 8th notes at a moderate tempo) demonstrating the practical range of their instrument. String players should not include scales.
    • DPJS/DPYS Double Audition:
      1. Follow Youth Strings requirements above.
    • DPYS/DPYO Double Audition:
      1. Follow Youth Orchestra requirements above.

3. Title your video using the following format:

  • ORCHESTRA_Student Last Name_Student First Name_Instrument
      • eg. DPYO_Reveal_Ruth_harp
      • eg. DPJS.DPYS_Reveal_Ruth_viola

4. Send your video file via WeTransfer ( to the email address: Please make sure your video is in a .mov or .mp4 format. In the WeTransfer message, please include the student’s first and last name, orchestra they are auditioning for, instrument, and current grade level.

5. All auditions must be submitted by Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 9:00 am. If you have any technical difficulties uploading your video, please contact the director of the orchestra for which you’re auditioning at the email address below.

  • Junior Strings: Kara Camfield,
  • Youth Strings: Betsey Hofeldt,
  • Youth Orchestra: Patrick Reynolds,

6. The conductors may reach out to individual students to request more information or an additional component to the audition.

7. Audition results will be sent the week of June 1, 2020.

Application Requirements

Youth Orchestra:
  • Applicant must be a student in grades 9–12 in Fall 2020.
  • Applicants should have proficiency in up to 4 sharps and 4 flats in at least 2 octaves, concert pitch (string players, 3 octaves).
  • Percussion applicants should prepare to audition on timpani, snare drum, and mallet instruments.
  • Flutists should be prepared to audition on piccolo if possible.
  • Applicants must prepare a 3–4 minute solo.
Youth Strings:
  • Applicant must be a student in grades 6–12 in Fall 2020.
  • Applicants must be proficient in 2 octave major scales up to 3 accidentals (violins, 3 octaves in A and G, basses 1 octave and 2 octaves F and G)
  • Applicants must be adept at sight-reading, vibrato and shifting into upper positions. 
  • Repertoire should be equal to or higher than Suzuki violin and viola Bk. 4, cello Bk. 3 and bass Bk. 2.
Junior Strings:
  • Applicant may be a student in grades 4–8 in Fall 2020.
  • Applicants should be proficient in scales up to 3 sharps and 2 flats and have excellent note reading and rhythm skills.
  • Shifting and vibrato are not required. Sight-reading may be requested. 
  • Repertoire should be equal to the middle of Suzuki Bk. 2 for violin and violas and beginning of Bk. 2 for cello.

Membership Fee

  • The membership fee for participation in the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is $375.00 (2020–2021).
  • The membership fee for participation in both Dayton Philharmonic Youth Strings and Dayton Philharmonic Junior Strings is $200.00 (2020–2021). 
  • These fees cover administrative costs such as conductor salaries, rehearsal and performance space, and music. 
  • Financial Assistance is available for any students who may need help with the cost of the membership fee. This organization does not intend to deny an eligible student membership due to financial hardship.

Commitment and Rehearsal Schedules

The Youth Orchestras require dedication and commitment. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. Please consider your other school and extracurricular commitments carefully.

Each orchestra generally rehearses on Sunday afternoons beginning in September. Some rehearsals may be held on Sunday evenings.

Youth Orchestra performs three concerts in December, March, and May. Youth Strings and Junior Strings each perform two concerts in November and March. 

  • Youth Orchestra: Sundays, 1:30–4:30 pm, September–May.
  • Youth Strings: 1:45–4:15 pm, September–March.
  • Junior Strings: Sundays, 2:00–4:00 pm, September–March.


Online Application Form:

For Further Information Please Contact:

Alex Ignatiou

Education Program Coordinator
Dayton Performing Arts Alliance
Phone: 937-224-3521 x1140