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May 2, 2021 – DPYO Spring Concert Program
CD Order Form – May 2, 2021 Performance


2021-2022 DPYO Schedule – Draft as of 5/4/21
Absence Notification Form
DPYO Handbook 2020-21
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Campout has been canceled for the 2020-2021 Season.


DPYO College Scholarship 2021 (graduating seniors only)

DPYO Summer 2021 Scholarship Form (Grades 9-11)

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20-21 Photo Composite Order Form – DUE MAY 2, 2021
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Weather Policies

  1. DPYO Rehearsals are not cancelled for winter weather-related reasons unless there is a Level 3 snow emergency declared in Dayton or the location of the rehearsal.
  2. If there is a Level 3 snow emergency declared in your area, but not in Dayton, do not drive. You are excused from rehearsal.
  3. If roads are hazardous, parents may elect to keep their DPYO member home.
  4. If roads are in questionable condition, late arrivals will be excused, but we recommend departing for rehearsal earlier.
  5. DPYO concerts are cancelled ONLY by the decision of DPAA management.

Chair Auditions – 2020-21


Instructions and audition materials

  1. Your audition recording may be audio or video. There is no preference for either. Choose the format that has the best recorded sound quality. Please upload your audition as an .mp3, .mp4 or .mov file.
  2. State your name at the beginning of your audition recording.
  3. You may make multiple “takes” but the recording you submit must be played without stopping the recording. This means you may pause between excerpts, but do not turn off the recorder. This allows you to choose your best total performance, but by not stopping the recorder we create more of a “live audition” experience.
  4. You’ll be evaluated on overall preparation, intonation, rhythm and musicianship/musical style.
  5. The deadline to upload your audition recording is Monday, September 28, 11:59pm Chair auditions submitted after Monday, September 28, 11:59pm will result in a lower chair placement.
  6. Chair position results will be announced no later than Sunday, October 11.
  7. Here is the link to upload your audition:


IMPORTANT: Due to the rotation of string sections to accommodate social distancing, and to maintain a balance between the orchestras, string placement order may vary slightly from month-to-month as the orchestras rotate. In addition to adjustments made in the rotating string sections, like any chair placement, your DPYO chair position may not be an accurate reflection of your total ability as a player. The chair placement audition is just an opportunity for you to demonstrate your performance abilities, but it is only one audition – with your DPYO chair position being a result of that audition. So, avoid placing excessive emphasis on your chair placement. It’s true, preparing for and performing a chair audition provides important experience, but in the end, chair placement itself is not important. What IS important is that you are a member of such a talented ensemble, surrounded by peers who share your gift and passion for music.

If you have any questions about your audition or the process, please contact Dr. Reynolds well in advance of the deadline. dpyoconductor@gmail.com

Audition Excerpts for Strings

Please play the excerpts in the order listed.

Violin I*

  • Beethoven – pick-up to measure 43 (five after #3) to one measure before letter B (measure 81).
  • Dvorak – Symphony No. 9 (IV) – eleven measures after #2 to six measures before #3
  • Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance – measure 110 to 121.

Violin II*

  • Beethoven – pick-up to measure 43 (five after #3) to one measure before letter B (measure 81).
  • Dvorak – Symphony No. 9 (IV) – eleven measures after #2 to six measures before #3
  • Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance – measure 110 to 121 (lower divisi only)

*Concertmaster auditions: If you are a violinist who would like to audition for concertmaster, you have the additional requirement of a three to five-minute excerpt from a concerto or solo work of your choice. This should be played without any accompaniment. Please state that you are auditioning for concertmaster. Play the excerpts first, then follow with your solo piece.


  • Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance – measure 62 to 73
  • Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance – measure 110 to 121.
  • Williams – Jurassic Park – measure 19 to 32


  • Beethoven – Egmont Overture – measure 23 (two before the Allegro) to measure 42 (five after #3)
  • Watkins – Soul of Remembrance – one beat before measure 27 to measure 55 (play upper divisi).
  • Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance – measure 74 to 85.


  • Beethoven – Egmont Overture – measure 287 (Allegro con brio) to the end (count the rests silently).
  • Dvorak – Symphony No. 9 (IV) – eight measures before #10 to #10.
  • Gliere – Russian Sailors Dance – measure 134 to 115.

Audition Etudes for Woodwinds and Brass

Click on your instrument to view and download your etudes.

  1. Flute
  2. Oboe
  3. Clarinet
  4. Bassoon
  5. Horn
  6. Trumpet
  7. Trombone
  8. Bass Trombone

There will be no chair placement auditions for piano, harp, tuba or percussion.

Additional Performance Opportunities


Thomas LaMon, Cello, Jaekyeong Choi, 2nd Violin, Jaewood Choi, 1st Violin, and Stefanie Burban, Viola played for the October 31, 2015 DPAA Fundraising Gala at the Schuster Center.

If you are a member of an existing chamber group (string quartet, trio, etc.) and are interested in being called from time to time for an occasional performance opportunity, please have one person from your group send Dr. Reynolds an email with the names of the chamber ensemble’s members.