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2025 Camp Kern forms will be released during Fall 2024.


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Weather Policies

  1. DPYO Rehearsals are not cancelled for winter weather-related reasons unless there is a Level 3 snow emergency declared in Dayton or the location of the rehearsal.
  2. If there is a Level 3 snow emergency declared in your area, but not in Dayton, do not drive. You are excused from rehearsal.
  3. If roads are hazardous, parents may elect to keep their DPYO member home.
  4. If roads are in questionable condition, late arrivals will be excused, but we recommend departing for rehearsal earlier.
  5. DPYO concerts are cancelled ONLY by the decision of DPAA management.

DPYO Chair Auditions 2023-2024

• Please read the instructions carefully.

• Your audition will be a recording you make and upload.

• Say your name clearly and distinctly before you begin.

• You are evaluated on overall preparation, intonation, rhythm and musicianship.

• The performance tempos are shown, and while correct tempos are preferred, you are encouraged to choose tempos with which you are most comfortable.

• Please play your audition material in the order shown.

• Listen to your recording and check the recorded sound quality before uploading.

• You will record and upload your audio or video recording to the following link:


Due: Saturday, September 30 at 11:59pm. Please note: chair audition recordings submitted after Saturday, September 30 at 11:59pm will result in a lower chair placement.


Your chair audition materials are from our current repertoire. Please click on the following to view and download the list of requirements:

DPYO String Chair Placement Audition Requirements


For your auditions you will download and prepare two contrasting etudes. Please click on your instrument below and download both (2) etudes, “Lyrical” and “Technical”. Record your audition in this order: 1. lyrical etude; 2. technical etude.


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude


Lyrical Etude

Technical Etude

NOTE: there are no chair auditions required for tuba, harp, piano or percussion.

Additional Performance Opportunities

Thomas LaMon, Cello, Jaekyeong Choi, 2nd Violin, Jaewood Choi, 1st Violin, and Stefanie Burban, Viola played for the October 31, 2015 DPAA Fundraising Gala at the Schuster Center.

If you are a member of an existing chamber group (string quartet, trio, etc.) and are interested in being called from time to time for an occasional performance opportunity, please have one person from your group send Dr. Reynolds an email with the names of the chamber ensemble’s members.